Download Your RED WALLET!

You can download RED WALLET for your preferred device. It is available as an iOS, Android, and Chrome extension (web app). To complete the setup process, click on one of the links below and follow the instructions on your device.

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Access all things REDLINE

The RED WALLET is your key to the REDNFT Marketplace, but that’s not all! The RED WALLET is built on Polygon Matic decentralized blockchain network. So when you transact or hold your digital assets on the RED WALLET, they’ll be stored on the Polygon’s decentralized network. Currently, you may transact and hold coins such as Matic, RLC, USDC, USDT, BUSD, DAI, UNI, WBTC, Link, Sand, and AAVE. In addition, you may hold and transfer NFTs! You can acquire NFTs directly from friends and family or purchase them on our REDNFT Marketplace. Finally, you can securely access the REDNFT Marketplace in the RED WALLET app. We’ve created this workflow to offer a secure and safe environment for our users to interact globally!

Please follow these instructions to download the RED WALLET and complete the KYC to become a Redliner! If you have questions or need help, contact us at [email protected] or on Telegram at

Hold Assets

You can hold your assets, coins & NFTs, directly in your RED WALLET! We’ve secured the RED WALLET by identifying and verifying every user via the KYC process.

Send Assets

You can send your coins and NFTs to your peers. We charge a small fee for this service. Your transactions are secure!

Receive Assets

You can receive assets from your peers securely and fast. Both NFTs and coins can be transferred from their REDWALLET account to yours. They can scan the QR code or enter the address manually.


We charge small fees for transactions when you use the RED WALLET. We’ve listed all of the fees applicable while transacting with your peers.

  • Sending NFTs in the RED WALLET: 1% of network fee + 1% of the NFT value

  • Receiving NFT in the RED WALLET: 1% of the NFT value

  • Sending coins in the RED WALLET: 1% of the network fee + 1% of the value on selected coin

  • Receiving coins in the RED WALLET: 1% of the value on selected coin

Download the RED WALLET and Complete Your KYC

To get started, follow these steps to download the RED WALLET and complete your KYC verification. The RED WALLET is available for Android, iOS, and as a Google Chrome extension. For optimal experience, we recommend installing the RED WALLET on both your mobile phone and Google Chrome. Accessing the REDNFT Marketplace requires logging in through the Google Chrome extension. Experience the full capabilities of the REDNFT Marketplace by following this guide!


First, search for the Red Wallet app on the app store and install the RED WALLET app. Then, follow the prompted instructions to complete the installation process. This process is similar to any other app installed on your device. If you still need help finding the RED WALLET App, you can go to RED to get a download link for the RED WALLET app for your preferred device. Again, the process is similar to any other app installation.

Click the button below to access Android, iOS, and Google Chrome Browser Extension download links.


Create a new wallet by clicking the “Create a New Wallet” button. Please have a government-issued ID ready.


This step is critical! Please write down this secret recovery phrase and keep it safe. Please don’t share it with anyone. Unfortunately, we can’t help you recover this phrase if it is lost or stolen. In this step, you’re given a list of 12 words in a particular order. Write them down, take a screenshot, and keep them in your records for future use. You’ll need to enter these words correctly, in the same order, to gain access to your wallet every time you want to access your RED WALLET on a new device or installation—type in a password that you’ll remember and click the “confirm” button.


Enter the secret key that you have written down in the correct order. Anyone with access to this key can access your wallet from anywhere! They can transfer out your assets without your knowledge. Please keep this key somewhere safe -do not share. Now, press the confirm button to continue.


Click the verify now button to complete the KYC application. We’ll need your valid government-issued ID for this process. We’ll also need a picture of you, so please ensure your room is well-lighted, and your camera lens is clean.