REDNFT Marketplace

REDNFT Marketplace is one-of-a-kind for many reasons, all of which will be explained in this guide.

Non-fungible tokens are becoming increasingly popular in art and digital asset ownership. REDNFT Marketplace aims to use smart contracts to validate and monetize the ownership of digital assets. For example, most of your digital belongings, such as photos, documents, and videos, can be converted into NFT assets. We strive to be the NFT marketplace that’ll enable users to create validity of their ownership and monetize their digital assets.

In this guide, you will learn what gives REDNFT Marketplace its value, the role of Redline Coin in the REDNFT ecosystem, buying and selling NFTs on REDNFT Marketplace, and why you should pick REDNFT Marketplace as your go-to NFT marketplace.

What gives REDNFT its value?

NFTs are an entirely new way to think about digital ownership, and they have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with digital content. For example, with NFTs, you could validate digital autographs, remove intermediaries, and simplify transactions. Imagine being able to collect autographed books that are worth more than just a “new” book fresh out of the press.

When an author autographs a book, they transfer some of their personal power and reputation to the object. NFTs work on a similar principle, with the added layers of decentralized technology. For example, smart contracts run on a blockchain (in the case of REDNFT, Polygon Network), allowing creators to mint their work as an NFT.

In simpler terms, your creations or NFTs will last forever! They become assets that cannot be changed, are one-of-a-kind, and can be passed down like art in galleries and museums.

Buying and selling NFTs on REDNFT Marketplace.

To transform a piece of digital content into an NFT, creators must mint it first on the REDNFT platform. To start, you’ll need the REDWALLET. Once connected for creating and selling NFTs, click “Create.” This will prompt a new window asking you what type of NFTs you will mint. After you enter your listing price, name, and description, upload the asset to REDNFT. We will recreate it as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Polygon blockchain. The NFT will be transferable between all REDWALLETS. If you manage to sell your NFT, both parties will have to pay a 1% transaction fee that funds the Redline Blockchain team.

The REDNFT marketplace has a great feature called royalties! You get paid every time your NFT is transferred to another wallet, and you get to choose the percentage. And if you’re into buying and collecting NFTS, remember to check out the REDNFT Explore section. It’s got filters so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

REDNFT Subscription

REDNFT provides a stable and inclusive space for content creators to share their NFTs with others through subscription models. This allows artists to make a steady income off their works and promotes meaningful relationships between them and their fans/followers.

On our platform, content creators (also called Redliners) can share their work with others using a chosen subscription model–privately, exclusively, or publicly.

You can show appreciation to your most dedicated followers by giving them exclusive NFTs as part of their membership subscription. With our platform, you don’t have anything to worry about regarding minting, tracking, or customer support — meaning you can focus on doing what you’re good at, creating a fantastic community.

What currencies can I use on REDNFT?

The core currencies on REDNFT are Polygon (Matic) and RLC (Redline Coin).


Token: MATIC

Polygon is an EVM-compatible blockchain that provides scalable, secure, and instant transactions with currencies like ETH, USDC, MATIC, and DAI.

As one of the first scaling solutions for Ethereum, cryptocurrencies must be “bridged” from Ethereum’s blockchain to Polygon. Think of Polygon as a sibling to Ethereum, the currencies are similar, but the two blockchains have slight differences.

What is the role of Redline Coins in the REDNFT ecosystem?

The REDNFT marketplace will rely on the native utility token, Redline coin, for all transactions. There is a maximum supply of 3 billion Redline tokens that will be distributed as follows:

25 million Redline coins will be purchased through a public sale every quarter. This process creates “tokenomics,” which forms the foundation for maintaining liquidity in the Redline marketplace. It also provides continuation assurance for at least 23 years after REDNFT‘s launch in 2023.

3% of the Redline coin supply is set aside for airdrops, affiliate bonuses, and other rewards to incentivize people to use REDNFT Marketplace and help it grow. In addition, 1% of coins are reserved for private sale to early investors, 1% goes to the team, 1% to advisors, and 15% to founders.

REDNFT allows users to earn coins by participating in the NFT marketplace through selling, buying, or subscribing to services.

Aside from Redline coins’ inherent value, which can be exchanged for real money via USD or other pairs on REDFi (a service provided by the Redline Blockchain), Redline coin also serves as a facilitator to mint NFTs on Polygon (Matic Network) in the REDNFT marketplace. Therefore, one must have Polygon/Matic tokens in their wallet to make transactions on a polygon network. In addition, Redline Coin holders can transact on the REDNFT Marketplace. For example, they will earn RLC for their content sold in the marketplace and earn royalties through smart-contract distribution.

Should you pick REDNFT as your go-to NFT marketplace?

REDNFT is committed to helping content creators, publishers, and influencers when it comes to their digital assets. With REDNFT, content creators can get monetary value from their work like never before. It’s also a new way for fans to own exclusive and authentic content of their idols that they love. With REDNFT, creators own 100% of their digital content, including videos, pictures, music, and artwork. In addition, Redline provides creators with a platform to monetize their work using NFTs while connecting them with fans on a new level.

Redline Blockchain provides a unique opportunity for content creators to monetize their talents and receive a more significant portion of the proceeds. Other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok limit how much creators can earn by charging high fees or taking away rights to use their platform, which lowers royalties paid out. In addition, being adaptable allows you to embrace new concepts, question existing norms, and be open to going against tradition. Flexible people don’t shy away from change; instead, they plan to deal with it effectively.

Are you a Redliner yet?

The nature of NFTs is that they are highly speculative assets, reflecting the traditional world of art galleries. Therefore, it may be illegal, now or in the future, to own, hold, sell, or use Digital Assets in one or more countries. Although currently, most Digital Assets are not regulated or are lightly regulated in most countries, including the United States, one or more countries may take regulatory actions in the future that severely restricts the right to acquire, own, hold, sell, or use Digital Assets or to exchange Digital Assets for fiat currency. Such action may limit your ability to hold or trade Digital Assets and could result in termination and liquidation of the provider at any time.