Elevate your finance with REDFi

Introducing REDFi, the fintech game-changer for individuals and businesses. We’re making it easy for individuals and businesses to take control of their financial futures, no matter where they are in the world. With our one-stop shop for crypto and fiat transactions, you can buy, sell, hold, send, and receive USD and various digital assets all under one account. And with our global presence in countries like the US, Panama, Guatemala, and Colombia, with plans to expand to Ecuador and Mexico and beyond, you can access our services wherever your nomadic lifestyle takes you.

Our user-centric products are designed to be simple and secure, supporting a wide range of currencies and assets like BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, USDC, and more. We’re even making the American Dream accessible on a global scale by allowing clients to open USD accounts and hold digital assets without ever having to be in the US. And with our acceptance of ACH and wire transfers, as well as crypto, we’re making it easy for clients to pay you no matter where you are.

By completing the necessary KYC process, individuals can open a REDFi, account from anywhere and receive a US-based account for the secure management of both traditional and digital assets.

REDFi Availability

Now Available in: USA, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia. Coming soon in: Ecuador, Mexico, and many more countries.

Our Core Values

Agent of change

We innovate continuously and create success through small and significant improvements, being intellectually curious, and embracing change.

Cultivate Positive

We innovate continuously and create success through small and significant improvements, being intellectually curious, and embracing change.

Do What’s Right

We act with integrity and humility, building trust with our clients and each other through openness, respect, and radical honesty.

Empower People

We create inclusive growth by empathizing, supporting, and inspiring every person in our community to reach their full potential.

Exceed Expectations

We set others up for success by listening carefully, answering clearly, and doing more than expected for each other and our clients.

Take Ownership

We take pride in our work, hold each other accountable, and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit with grit, passion, and resourcefulness.

Transparency & Stability

Built to a higher standard, we always encourage transparency while seeking stability in all market conditions.

Why choose REDFi?


We are working with a Qualified Custodian under the Investment Advisers Act, which means we safeguard our customers’ assets by adhering to strict requirements. By doing so, we ensured our customers could withdraw and transfer funds without interruption, calming fears around access to and ownership over their cash and digital assets. 


We work only with trusted and regulated teams with deep experience in cyber security and the public sector. They have earned their certifications and have ongoing threat intelligence, vulnerability management, product security, and security operations programs.


We hold assets in a regulated trust company with an audited financial ledger. We neither lend nor borrow against customer funds, so we can operate business as usual when the markets face instability.

Your Assets Your Way

We know you rely on us to deliver the infrastructure you need to run your best-in-class experiences. We will work tirelessly to ensure your success.

  • No Trading or Lending with your funds.
  • No fractional reserve. (We are not issuing loans with your deposits)
  • Onboarding individuals and businesses from multiple countries.
  • Keeping your funds in FDIC-insured banks.
  • Working with a regulated and transparent Trust Fund.

Funding Methods

ACH Bank Transfer

Link your financial institution to REDFi via Plaid. Funds will be available to trade immediately after initiating the transfer.

Bank Wire Transfer

Transfer USD from your bank account using a wire transfer. Wire transfers generally take 3-5 business days.

Crypto Transfer

Receive crypto by sending it to your REDFi address. Your assets will be available after reaching the individual network confirmation requirements.

Credit or Debit Card Transfer

Fund your account by transferring USD from your credit or debit card accounts. Transactions generally take 72 hours.


Instantly Buy & Sell Crypto 24/7/365

Choose from available crypto assets.


Here are all the payment options available to you. Send FIAT or Crypto payments globally.

ACH Payments Service

Crypto Transfer Service

Wires & Global Transfers – Send Money Almost Anywhere!